The Voice of Indian Football Fans

In our mundane lives, football is sometimes the only shining light to help us fight through the day. With this phenomenon as our sole inspiration, we got together to build Football Chacha. We are a community that focuses on building support for the beautiful game with opinions, facts and analysis, through an Indian lens.


Anant Sharma

Founder-Anant-SharmaA United fan first, everything else later. I swear by my numbers and love my football philosophy. Love to talk about football formations and tactics, big time writer, big time football fan!

Kartikeya Kapoor

I am the jack(ass) of all trades at Football Chacha. I primarily handle social media posts, interactions and collaborations. I maintain a keen interest in football and football philosophy and I do believe there is no club better than Manchester United.

Tarun Pradhan

I am a football fan who loves to watch all sports and likes to provide opinion on everything. I primarily work on Social Media content creation and writing blogs and articles for the website. I have a passion for football, Bollywood movies and politics. My passion for Manchester United drew me to the game and it has continued since.

Aayush Ratan

  Founder-aayush An MBA graduate who is passionate about everything football. Manchester United through and through ! Avid follower of the Premier League and Champions League. Dreams to be at Old Trafford one day, cheering his favorite club.